Terms and conditions

You agree to our terms and conditions in the following ways: 

  • by completing our enrolment form, and providing your digital signature; and
  • by using our services.


 By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree to: 

  • be bound by the terms, conditions and financial arrangements of this agreement until you advise in writing that you wish to cease lessons
  • be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services
  • the fact that BMS Academy reserves the right to change any/all of these terms & conditions as necessary.

 If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use any BMS Academy service.



  1. BMS Academy teaches in line with the ACT Public School Term.
  2. Lessons are billed in advance for the full school term or part of the term (dependant on date of enrolment).
  3. Lessons that fall on a public holiday will be excluded from your invoice, and no lessons are taught on those days.
  4. When you are enrolled, you purchase a specific block of time which is yours for the term. 
  5. Once enrolment is confirmed, fees are due for that enrolment in full, whether or not the student attends. 
  6. Fees are payable in full on or before the first lesson of each term to receive the EarlyBird payment rate and are non- refundable. After this time a standard fee of $5.00 per 30 minute lesson is applied to accounts not paid on or before the first lesson.
  7. All enrolments are ongoing and will automatically rollover to the following term unless a notice to discontinue has been provided in writing three weeks prior to the start of the next payment period (term).
  8. Withdrawals for the following teaching period must be received in writing prior to the end of the current teaching period. This applies between terms and years. 
  9. If a notice to discontinue lessons has not been provided by the stipulated time, a late withdrawal penalty of $100.00 is payable.
  10. Fees may be paid fortnightly during the term only through a direct debit arrangement with Payrix.
  11. In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.



  1. Direct Deposit
    • No fees apply. 
  2. Credit /Direct Debit cards
    • Fees apply of 1.2% (standard) 2.5% (premium) of the total invoice amount.
    • American Express is not accepted.
  3. Ezipayment Gateway
    • Please follow the links in your invoice email.
    • Fees apply of 1.87%. 
  4. Cash and Cheques are NOT accepted


  1. The teacher may teach lessons online using Zoom, or
  2. a relief teacher may give the lesson, or
  3. lessons will be made up by the teacher.



  1. In the case of student absence, the teacher is not obliged to offer a make-up lesson. However, the teacher may offer a make-up if a suitable time slot is available within their current schedule. Requests for make-up lessons must be discussed directly with your teacher and are not guaranteed.



  1. The scheduled lesson will only be changed by the teacher or BMS Academy in extenuating circumstances (for example, teacher illness, university timetable change, professional development/performance).
  2. If lessons need to be rescheduled for the following term, please send your request via email to: hello@bmsacademy.com.au


  1. The scheduled lesson will only be changed by the teacher or BMS Academy in extenuating circumstances (e.g. teacher illness, university timetable change, professional development/performance).
  2. Lessons missed by the student, for any reason, cannot be made up unless there is a cancellation by another student.
  3. For excursions and other scheduled events, it may be possible to reschedule, although this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, please give the teacher/BMS Academy as much warning as possible.



  1. Makeup lessons are not available for group classes under any circumstances.
  2. For absences in excess of 4 weeks, please advise in writing and a leave of absence in the form of a credit towards the following term may be given. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.



  1. In the event that a teacher is unwell or unable to attend BMS Academy but still able to teach, Zoom lessons will be organised for individual students and Google Meet for Encore Group classes at their enrolled day and time. 
  2. For Encore Group Classes (Junior and above) Google Meet is provided for every class. If a student is unwell or unable to attend a class, they may attend their Google Meet via the link provided in Google Classroom. They do not need to inform BMS Academy.
  3. In the event that a student is unwell or unable to attend BMS Academy but still wishes to have their lesson, a Zoom lesson can be requested by emailing hello@bmsacademy.com.au – Requests must be received before 3.30pm on the day of a weekday lesson and before 5.30pm Friday for a Saturday lesson.
  4. Zoom lessons will occur at the student’s scheduled day and time unless other agreements are made with the teacher. 
  5. In the event that an external school has a pupil free day, the teacher may provide Zoom lessons at the students’ scheduled day and time. However, please see point 3 under ‘external school venues’.
  6. In the event of an ACT Health mandated restriction to business activities due to a pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances, BMS Academy will move all lessons to an online platform such as Zoom or Google Meet. Lessons will not be refunded if a student chooses not to use these platforms.

These Terms and Conditions were updated and sent to the communities on 7 June, 2022.