BMS in Schools

Empowering students to fulfil their dreams

Music empowers education. Learning music in schools has been demonstrated to enhance maths learning and reading comprehension in children. In fact, students who actively participate in music classes show better speech processing abilities and higher reading scores than children who don’t.

BMS Academy works in collaboration with a number of ACT schools to provide high-quality instrumental education within the school environment and during school hours.

Currently we teach instrumental music at:

  • Ainslie Primary School (Ainslie) – piano
  • Canberra Montessori School (Holder) – guitar
  • Lyneham Primary School (Lyneham) – piano
  • St Benedict’s Primary School (Narrabundah) – piano and guitar
  • Sts Peter and Paul Primary School (Garran) – piano

Contact us for more information on lessons in any of these schools.

Want to introduce instrumental music education into your school?

BMS Academy would love to discuss the possibilities of our highly-trained teachers bringing the BMS Academy style of music education to your school.