About us

Learn music from the academy that’s been doing it for 40 years

BMS Academy was founded in 1982 as Bellchambers Music School. Since then, the school has developed thousands of musicians, young and old. In 2016, Bronwen Mackenzie took ownership of BMS and is advancing the academy’s excellent reputation through new initiatives, such as purpose-built facilities in Phillip and online early childhood music program BMS Beats.

Today, the school has more than 700 students across all ages, and approximately 30 teachers covering dozens of instruments. BMS provides individual tuition and group classes for all ages at their Phillip studios as well as in primary and high schools across Canberra.

We recognise every student as a unique person who comes to us with their own specific goals and needs. As such, we tailor individualised music education that builds trust, shares respect, nurtures learning and creates joy.

We join our students on their journey. We encourage them through difficulties and celebrate their successes. We do this because it is our ultimate goal to establish a love of music in our students that sustains them throughout their lives.